26 April 2014

New Issue Out! and Mid-South Fan Fest

Yes, the new issue is done. We finished it right before leaving for NOLA and the Mid-South Fan Fest.

The convention was great. Thanks to Matt and all his staff for a great show. Thanks to all the Mid-South legends for their time and conversations.

We hope to maybe have some content related to talent at the convention in a future issue and on the website. Our interview with Jim Cornette was not finished at press time, so we hope to have that in next issue, which may be debuting in the fall at a major comics convention. Details in the future.

We are going to put up some content from the magazine up on the website. But not everything, as we would still like to try and sell some copies. Only $5 which includes postage and handling. Write to us as russianflagburial@gmail.com for more information.