07 February 2014

New Content Soon

Just an update...

- The table fee has been paid for the Mid-South Fan Fest, so you can look forward to us being there, selling the Russian Flag Burial magazine, as well as past issues of Odessa Steps Magazine and maybe some other stuff.

- We are in talks to have a contemporary wrestler at our table at the convention.  If so, we will likely have an interview with them in the magazine debuting at the show.

- We are working on lining up some more articles for the issue, including some Mid-South specific articles by some well-known internet wrestling personalities.

- We are still putting the final deal together for the magazine cover. We hoped to have that done by now, but well, you know...

- We attended National Pro Wrestling Day in Easton PA recently, which saw the rebirth of Chikara Pro Wrestling.  While there, we talked to some people about potential magazine articles, as well as advertising the magazine in some high-profile wrestling-related locations.

Thanks for reading. Another update soon. Check out the @russianflagbury twitter for news and blather until the next update.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine/Russian Flag Burial